Our Produce



Make sure that you are satisfying your customer’s palate at this time of year with sweet Vidalia onions, luscious super sweet corn and juicy peaches all available from your friends at Frangella Associates. Be sure to contact us about pricing and availability of your favorite summer produce items. We have our finger on the pulse of markets worldwide and will readily assist you in meeting your produce needs.


Across the nation, consumers are seeking more organic and fresh products. That’s where Frangella Associates comes in. We can assist you in achieving your goals with a fresh and organic strategy designed to meet the demands of the most sophisticated consumer. Our organic offerings of mushrooms, Vidalia onions, garlic, shallots, ginger and peanuts are just the beginning.

Specialty / Value Added

Our growers are selected for their dedication to providing quality products and their ability to meet the ever-increasing demands of a competitive marketplace.


Many of our customers have come to know us for our premium quality, fresh mushrooms. They’re rich in heart healthy potassium and mushrooms make an excellent addition to popular low carb, low sodium diets. Did you know that we actually offer 18 different varieties of mushrooms? Frangella provides a complete selection in mushroom variety to satisfy the demands of even the most discriminating chefs and consumers. Take a look at all your mushroom choices.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the freshest, quality fruit produce available and to offer superior marketing support with every product we sell. The Frangella philosophy has positioned us as an extension of the outstanding organizations that we represent. Supporting clients and growers to meet their marketing challenges is our goal.


If you need fresh vegetables, think Frangella fresh. For over a quarter century the Frangella team has been striving to bring its retail and food service partners the very freshest of harvests from around the globe. At Frangella we don’t compromise on fresh, it’s the first letter of our name and our name is our reputation.